Sandra's Bio

Sandra Abbey is a survivor of corporate life.  After more than 20 years working for a variety of industries working in human resources, organizational development, and strategic planning she started Leader Discovery with the mission to fill the world with leaders. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs hire Sandra to help them rediscover their passion (why they went into business in the first place) and reignite their passion (to fuel reaching their vision). She does this as an expert in helping her clients discover what is working in their business, what is not working, and how to take action to move forward continuously to get the results they've always dreamed of.

Her programs are based on simple processes guaranteed to help clients become aware of what's most important to them, cast a vision for the future, and take action to move toward that vision with a built in support and accountability system. 

If you are stuck in status quo, lack clarity for the future, or feel that you always have to go it alone in your business or your life, it's time to talk with Sandra about joining one of her programs.


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